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Exclusive Releases

The tactics of being an independent artist and currently not signed to any recording labels at all is my personal statement against the industrialization and commercialization of music, or any kind of culture that I engage in. Furthermore, this may help distinguish and exempt my music from the "volume war" in the production itself, which thereby brings about a better dynamic experience to my music.

Therefore, some of my works would be exclusively released only on this website and you can listen to/stream them all for free, without having to pay anything. I would, however, really appreciate you buying my music or merch on Bandcamp, as a direct support and encouragement to me. All these sounds, noises and melodies now belong to your enjoyment. Have fun!

After Kafka is the lead single from Ha Nguyen's sophomore album, which narrates further the happenings after Kafkacity

Released on Ha Nguyen's 18th birthnight in 2023, the EP served as a mark of a growing up ritual, capturing the personal encounters of their own confusion, crisis and depression of turning adult.

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